Online Travel Booking: Frustrations With Accessibility

September 13, 2016

Could you imagine trying to navigate your company's website without the use of a mouse but only using a keyboard with arrows? How about closing your eyes and then trying to imagine what a picture or image is with only the image description being read aloud to you? These are only some of the frustrations that millions of consumers living with disabilities are subject to every day. 

But why does this matter?

The travel industry has recently been the hot button for ADA Demand Letters and although access to information should be made available to every user, there are companies that lack basic web accessibility features for the thousands of their customers who are reliant on reader technologies and suffer from blindness or low vision. Ultimately, what may seem like a non-issue to most users can cause the biggest obstacles to those who utilize these technologies in order to access products and services and deals like everyone else. 

Learn more about perspectives from real users living with disability and the pointers they share to help companies improve web accessibility and overall usability of their digital channels.

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In Their Shoes: Frustrations With Accessibility

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