The Modern Mobile Traveler and How Brands Can Connect With Them Better

December 23, 2014

mobile travelerThe holiday season is here and people will travel to get to their families or to exotic beaches. Are brands offering travelers high quality, personalized mobile experiences?

2014 marked a shift in consumer mobile behavior. The modern traveler spends on average 35% of their time looking for travel content on their mobile devices, and expects prominent calls to action, personalized content and quick page load times.

They want the freedom to start activities on one device and complete them on another, in particular when it comes to looking for destination ideas, comparing prices and finding deals, according to Google.

Millennials lead the mobile travel charge: most mobile travelers are consumers between 25-44 years old and, as Expedia finds, 49%  of them plan/book their trips on smartphones, followed by 39% of Gen X and 26% of Baby boomers. Furthermore, Millennials consider loyalty programs very important when booking a flight (48%) as well as when booking a hotel (51%).

In our latest infographic we collected interesting stats about what travelers really want on mobile, and have added tips for brands to build enhanced mobile experiences that better engage with users.

What are the keys for more effective customer engagement in travel in 2015?

We think that fresh, personalized and relevant content, consistency of customer experience across devices and a renewed focus on loyalty programs will be the main points to work on in 2015.

Brands should also bear in mind that both mobile web and apps are important tools to build engagement in travel: mobile web supports quick searches and transactions, while apps excel at engaging with returning customers.

Get your copy of our infographic here.

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