Why FedEx put Mobile at the Heart of its Marketing

February 11, 2015

FedEx’s Raj Subramaniam, EVP Global Marketing and Communications, was recently featured in a Q&A by the Economist Group, speaking on the challenges of mobile marketing and the importance of the mobile customer experience. 

In his interview Subramaniam touched on trends that could potentially disrupt marketing. By framing the enormous shifts taking place in consumer behavior, he established customer experience as the primary battlefield where brands will seek competitive advantage. In this context, it will be the role of Marketing to deliver the right interactions that will define a brand, and mobile will be the strategic element in a winning strategy. 

FedEx has been a leader in mobile for many years; it was one of the first major brands to commit meaningful resources into figuring out ways to create great mobile experiences for their customers. The brand faces a mobile challenge on a truly global scale, operating in 220 countries and serving customers in 20 languages. Tracking a package or finding a FedEx location from your phone anywhere in the world are now basic expectations on mobile – in fact, FedEx was one of the first brands to use a “Near Me” functionality for GPS enabled devices. Read more about our work with FedEx here

Subramaniam, looking to the future, sees the digital transformation as being a continuously disruptive force in marketing and business. He says that mobile visits have gone up 5000% (not a typo) over the past 3 years - this magnitude of change is transformative and it is not over yet. In many ways, this is only the beginning of the “mobile revolution”. Read Subramaniam’s full interview at the Economist Group here. 

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