Masterclass Roundup: Simple Ways to Design for Traveler Emotions

March 23, 2015

Most brands realize that speed and performance greatly impact a traveler’s mobile experience. But while it’s important to design for usability, brands should also take audience’s emotions into consideration. To create mobile experiences that really speak to consumers and exceed their needs, it’s essential to consider how travelers feel at each stage of their mobile journey. For example, encouraging users to share pictures from their vacation can help to enhance brand loyalty during the post-trip phase.

Usablenet recently explored some of the challenges that travel brands face in the development of their mobile experiences in our “What Travelers Really Want On Mobile” Masterclass Seminar in London.

Masterclass Roundup

We pinpointed six UX scenarios that affect how users use mobile throughout the travel journey, emphasizing the roles that user insecurity, a lack of trust, technical issues, poor images, no personalization and underdeveloped loyalty programs play on the user experience. While such scenarios seem like overwhelming obstacles, there are simple ways a brand can revamp their mobile experience to design for travelers’ emotions. For example, 58% of travelers are apprehensive to give their financial information to a mobile travel website, but the addition of security logos and feedback messaging can quickly diminish these insecurities.

Additionally, an emphasis on visual experiences can skyrocket a travel brand’s mobile accessibility. 87% of travelers prefer to view images prefer on tablets because of screen size; this means that travel brands should avoid using “pinch and zoom” images.

Understanding these consumer preferences can help brands make simple changes that create rich, engaging content for their mobile experiences. To learn more about the importance of mobile optimization in the travel industry, check out our recent report titled “6 Tips: How to Design for Traveler Emotions on Mobile.”

Don’t miss our next Masterclass seminar, to be held in London on April 28th!

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