Mobile Performance: A Trillion Dollar Opportunity

March 23, 2015

You wouldn’t turn down a trillion dollars, would you? By outperforming competitors, brands across industries can gain additional revenue fairly seamlessly. In fact, two-thirds of customers switch brands or service providers due to poor service, poor digital interactions or unmet expectations. In the US, this switch-over leaves $1.6 trillion up for grabs-- a 26% increase since 2010. To retain current customer and attract new audiences, brands must understand that each digital customer has unique UX preferences and that revenue hinges on exceeding their specific needs.

UX is the crux of a brand’s mobile success; digital disruption has triggered a steady erosion of customer loyalty, despite customer retention efforts. Today’s customers seek experiences that are customized, accessible and continuous, and there’s ample room for improvement. Only 10% of customers strongly agree that companies effectively offer seamless interactions across channels. To foster brand loyalty and create exemplary experiences, brands must take a close look at mobile sites and remedy UX errors. Best UX demands lightweight sites that load just as fast - if not faster- than desktop sites and don’t require pinching and zooming to view content. Ultimately, the more streamlined a site is, the better; 81% of prospective buyers are frustrated because the company doesn’t make it easy to do business with them on mobile.

Perhaps equally important is the realization that while every customer is a digital customer, not all have the same needs. Bolstering mobile performance depends heavily on personalization. No matter the industry, brands must customize sites for users’ preferences. Personalizing a customer’s user experience can include referencing purchase history or implementing social-logins to gather shopper data.

To revamp your mobile experience and win back customers, create positive mobile experiences that inform each stage of the purchasing cycle. Toss aside so-called “mobile first” mindsets and instead present customer-centric designs that enhance the user journey. In doing so, you’ll not only offer a memorable journey, but may delight prospective customers along the way, encouraging purchases and getting closer to that trillion. 

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