Subpar Mobile Experiences Deter Otherwise Willing Users

March 25, 2015

You’re familiar with the saying: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. Customers are certainly ready and willing to perform important tasks on mobile, but are you ready to meet their expectations?


mobile experiences

According to a recent study from CA Technologies, 66% of consumers said they would use apps for important tasks: renewing driver’s licenses or passports, paying taxes, and applying for government licenses. Almost half of consumers (49%) used apps for banking transactions and 14% made a purchase. Clearly, consumers are willing to use mobile apps, and these percentages will only continue to rise. Yet only 50% of consumers worldwide have used apps in the past six months to shop, research a purchase, or book travel.

The challenge in developing a mobile strategy is that consumer expectations are rising alongside their willingness to perform important tasks on mobile. Your app may be disappointing consumers before they even see a single screen: according to the same study, consumers will abandon an app after 6 seconds if it does not load, and sometimes those customers are gone forever. You can read more of our insights about the importance of mobile performance overall in our whitepaper here.

Consumers are indeed thirsty for fulfilling mobile experiences, and willing to complete important transactions on mobile. Any mobile strategy, whether based on apps, mobile-optimized sites, or a combination of both should take into account high consumer expectations and be prepared to meet them, from load-time to check-out. 

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