Mobile Customer Service: Reducing the Cost of Better Experiences

March 26, 2015

mobile technology

The growth and adoption of mobile technology has dramatically reshaped the face of customer service. A 1-800 number alone will no longer suffice - in order to maintain great relationships with consumers, brands must offer comprehensive, always-on support to address any questions or concerns as they arise -- no matter what channel the customer chooses to engage.

A recent study by Forbes Insights and Oracle found that 44% of online consumers consider live chat or real-time customer service one of the most important features that a site can offer. Despite consumer preferences for more comprehensive customer service, only 38% of brands see the development of such programs as a company-wide priority. Executives cite integration with existing channels, cost, and technical limitations as their biggest obstacles to the development of cross-channel service platforms.

Multichannel customer service is the new frontier of brand loyalty. Integrating customer service strategy into a brand’s mobile experience ensures accessibility in any situation. By extending customer service platforms to mobile devices, companies can ensure that their users stay are supported all hours of the day.

There’s no better example of a such a customer service platform than mobile storm centers developed by Utilities to keep customers informed. During power outages and storms, traffic to Utility mobile sites can spike as high as 16,000%, as it did with Hurricane Sandy. By offering consumers a Storm Center on mobile, utilities can reduce high call center costs, which often average around $4 per customer. You can read more about our work with ConEd and mobile storm centers here.

What are you doing to stay connected to your customers on mobile and ensure they are receiving the best possible customer service at all times, on any device? 

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