A Visual Journey on Mobile and Beyond: Pink Jeep Tours

April 14, 2015

Pink Jeep Tours is a popular travel brand, providing Jeep Tours throughout Arizona and Las Vegas since 1958.  As the oldest continuously operating Jeep Tour Company in the United States, Pink Jeep wanted to extend the brand across all screens and build a mobile presence to complement their existing presence.

In building out the Pink Jeep Tour mobile experience, it was important to remember that the brand is all about visual appeal and ease of use. Users expect a smooth, stress-free tour experience. Our goal was to ensure that this visual appeal was reflected throughout Pink Jeep’s mobile experience, and that we met the user’s expectations at each stage of their journey on mobile.

Pink Jeep Mobile

(Learn more about what travelers expect during each stage of the mobile journey here)

Discovery is the primary, and arguably the most important step for travel and tourism brands, so a mobile experience must naturally support this crucial user behavior. Discovery is key in the Pink Jeep mobile site as the user is greeted on the hub page with a rotating carousel of images evocative of the journey the user is about to embark on, both digitally and physically. These are pictures of tours featuring Pink Jeeps, painting a trustworthy picture of what the traveler will be experiencing.

The hub allows users to select their tour quickly, effectively combining four of Pink Jeep’s previously disparate sites into one easy-to-navigate central site. This first step of research brings the user one step closer to completing a transaction, while simultaneously offering a preview of their tour.

Performance is an important consideration for any mobile experience. We’ve found that 50% of mobile travelers left a site because of technical issues. For Pink Jeep, the entire journey has been made as smooth as possible to reduce early drop-off.

Individual tour pages feature carousels of images, brief descriptions of tours, and a prominent call-to-action button inviting users to book their tour. The quick performance of the site was also important here, as 58% of travelers are apprehensive to book on mobile. A quick, seamless experience helps to reassure travelers. Booking is an easy 3-step process, with a progress bar showing users how close they are to having a Pink Jeep Tour booked and ready-to-go. Social features make it easy for users to share their excitement with friends online, and encourages social engagement.

Within the first month of launch, Pink Jeep page visits on mobile went up almost 18%, and they captured over 37,000 new users.  Users’ spent 38 seconds on average on the page, and average bounce rate dropped from 80%, to 40%. Pink Jeep gives travelers the world over fun, memorable experiences on both mobile and in the beautiful American Southwest. Head over to PinkJeepTours.com on your mobile device to experience it yourself!







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