Exceptional Apps: How to Best Optimize Your Mobile App Strategy

July 20, 2015

As mobile usage continues to flourish, influencing $970 billion of in-store sales and accounting for 50% of travel bookings among millennials, it’s essential for brands to further refine their mobile strategy to incorporate distinct mobile web and app experiences.

Complementary to the mobile web, apps allow brands to further augment their customer experience and provide customers with a more personal means of booking, discovery, the ability to transact, and more. In fact, 18% of the top 500 retailers in the UK and over 50% in the US offer customers a transactional app. With half of mobile users turning to apps to make purchasing decisions, brands must take the time to study consumer needs and create app experiences that directly cater to customer needs. But before launching your next big app, there are some key points to keep in mind.

Align with business objectives and customer needs: Carefully analyze the mobile journeys of your customers, determine which actions are most frequently performed, and strategize ways to best streamline the user experience. Also keep in mind what draws shoppers to apps in the first place -- 24% of mobile users would reuse an app if it offered exclusive or bonus content. With that in mind, pinpoint opportunities to reward both new and returning customers, tailoring content and personalizing offerings based on their purchasing history.

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Ensure quality execution: With a third of app users uninstalling apps due to lost interest, it is imperative to leverage native app functionalities that add direct value to consumers -- rather than shoehorning in use of the camera in a way that doesn’t make sense for the customer. When devising app strategy, you must consider the unique capabilities apps can offer and how each addition will elevate the user experience. Need motivation? 54% of millennials worldwide say that a poor mobile experience would make it less likely for them to use a business’ other products.

Keep long-term value top of mind: Loyal app users generate an additional 25% more in in-app purchases. However, of users who make an in-app purchase, 44% do not do so until they have interacted with an app at least 10 times. This speaks to the need to focus on user retention as much as acquisition; in order to delight loyal customers over extending periods of time, brands should embrace native app functionality while remaining tuned into specific consumer needs. After all, an app’s true measure of success is how the consumer feels when engaging with that experience.

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